Work Area Chairperson – Bro. Greg Riggs



Under the general heading of “Church Nurture,” this Ministry Work Area deals with a wide range of activities that often provide the nuts-and-bolts support that encourages and allows fellowship to happen. 
Purpose Statement: Nurture/congregational care supports the fellowship that is so crucial to the Christian life.  Christian fellowship in recreation activities, groups for men, women and youth, work groups, choir, studying together, worshipping together, and so forth celebrates God’s grace that can bring people together that think they have no business being together, tear down dividing walls of hostility, and give gifts to each member for up building the church body in love.

Ministry Work Areas:

  • United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Women
  • Youth Council
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Shepherds
  • Golden Age Club
  • Willing Workers: 
  • Methodist Youth Fellowship